The Difference Between Free and Cheap Phone Sex

Cheap and AvailableHere is question for you. It doesn’t pertain to cheap phone sex, but rather to those free offers out there… Should you be weary of claims of 100 % free this, along with no cost that, then you aren’t alone. Lots of people around the world recognize that few things are ever free of cost and yes, there is indeed always a trade off for everything. A condition that needs to be satisfied before you can receive something without having to pay for it… And then there is certainly the false promises, even (dare I say) the horrible scams. For that reason if ever you notice claims of complimentary phone sex on websites, my recommendation to you would be to take most of these claims with a pinch of salt. As a matter of business practices, giving just about anything for free, whilst not anything in exchange is absolutely not something thriving vendors will ever do. Bonuses, certainly. Rewards, of course. But no fee mainly because they are good guys? Unlikely!

That being said, there are scenarios where you can genuinely enjoy a free phone masturbation session in the company of a willing and eager woman. How? Should you be married for example. And you find yourself faraway from your girlfriend and the most effective means for the two of you to make love with each other is simply by means of mutual phone masturbation. There are definitely merits to being in a romantic and stimulating liaison! ) I am hoping it is the case for you!

Yet what happens to your sex life when you’re single. Or in a marriage with a person who doesn’t like or need sexual intercourse as much as you do. When you are reluctant to go down the unfaithful path and take lovers, what then can you do? Console yourself by accepting that you are going to have to do without sex and taking on a spare time interest? Only put aside your cravings?

For the majority of those who don’t get enough sex, usually, online love making, sex films… have always been one of the ports of call when “hard” becomes uncomfortable and “steps” have to be taken in order to “relieve” unnecessary tensions. These kinds of online medias are a technique you can use to get what you hunger for, but the sex they give is static, and even though it will inevitably deliver a certain amount of welcome relief, the fact is that the your appetite for a live sexy encounter will probably linger on. To put it differently, watching online adult porn just isn’t sufficient and always leaves the person feeling frustrated. Even cheated. Human beings are social animals and need contact with one another. For husbands and wives who are away from each other, the only way it’s possible to have a one on one erotic encounter, is by having phone sex. And the best part concerning this is the fact that not only can you get on the phone right now and enjoy yourself by calling a horny lady you can actually enjoy an erotic and explicit conversation with, and it is bargain-priced. Cheap as in budget friendly of course, with low prices as the principal thrust, never ever compromising on quality of course.

Are you in a romance with someone with whom it’s not possible to reveal any of your secretive fantasies? You know, these special cravings that get you up and hard in the middle of night hoping that you might be able to explore them with an individual love, but you realize that your spouse would have one look at you and disregard you right away? In case the answer to that topic is in the positive, then you are my friend about to have all your wishes realized. All you need to do is pick up the line and call me. I will be only too pleased to listen to what you need say, add my own, personal two cents, add many different aspects as part of your fantasy and take you places where you never thought you’d go. Just like cheap phone sex. After all, this was the key subject of conversation in this article. What else could I say about it that is not brilliantly covered in this excellent cheap phone sex article.

If you have lingering questions about it, if you would like learned about somebody else’s opinion about just what bargain actually suggests, then this article makes as persuasive a case as any argument I might put forward…

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The very first wank of the day and spend the rest of the day happy

Here is a really beautiful way of life. I was on call duty this morning, covering for a sex girl of mine early shift (she was late) when Tom called our toll free phone sex fantasy.

Tom here. With a raging hard on. Can you help me please?

I have been in the naughty sex phone conversation business for years and I am not ashamed to say that I was actually lost for words. The first masturbation of the day! Now this is a really pleasurable tradition! We have all heard about the morning stroll, or morning walk, but a morning wank?

This got me quite entranced that it took me a few seconds to get my bearings and all of a sudden the images of thousands of guys waking up with a hard on waiting to be taken care off flooded my mind, suggestive enough to really get me all wet.

Do you mean a quickie? Like a $10 phone sex orgasm guaranteed to get you on the way? It’ll take all of 5 minutes but I guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face for the rest of the day

there is scarcely anything more fascinating in fact that the idea of a guy a with a huge hard on, caressing his penis up and down, until the eventual ecstasy, and this is one of the reasons why I love my job so much. And even if I say so myself, a lot of my callers love what I do too judging by how frequently they reach for the telephone and dial my phone number. They ring us for sexual climax for any number of reasons, one of them of course because they have individual tendencies and a woman like me really knows how to satisfy a man.

A woman who is fully aware of her sexual needs and is not afraid to go the extra step.

And if you think you will have to squander a tidy sum calling phone sex fantasy line think again. cheap phone chat and the very first cock stroking go hand in hand if you’ll pardon the pun.

So: Come on… Pick up the phone and call

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Shemale Phone Sex – No Taboos

A lot of our callers who are cock curious but not quite willing or ready to experiment with other men often times find that phone sex with a shemale is the ideal alternative.  They may have a natural curiosity about what a cock that doesn’t belong to them feels like, but may not necessarily feel gay, or even bi-sexual themselves.

Whether you have similar tendencies with regards to gay sex, or prefer to take a different route, shemale phone sex provides with the ideal opportunity to experiment your wild desires without risks, or pre-judgment.

And who could blame you for lusting for a shemale cock, if it’s anything like the one on this picture:


A nice hard throbbing cock ready to be sucked… or more?  A kinky transsexual phone sex queen ready to give you all the cock you need and more making a live tranny phone sex experience one of the most vivid phone sex sessions you have ever had.

Why?  Because it’s with a shemale of course.

And now, 15 minute of sheer T-Girl bliss doesn’t even have to cost you more than $20 dollars with no additional charges or connection fees.  That’s $1.33 per minute.  How’s that for a nice change when you compare it to some of the more outrageous claims of cheap phone sex out there.

So let’s take care of each other cock then… And see where it takes us.

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You can have great phone sex too!

More and more experts are starting to realize that phone sex is not just for “over sexed lonely men who don’t get it at home”, but for any couple, even the married couples who use this wonderful tool to drum up a little action in their love making.


Some of us girls who have been doing this for a living for a time (years for mesmile_regular) have long known that it is a great way to connect sexually with a partner.  Now it seems that sex therapists have joined in the party, giving advice about a practice that they may themselves have reviled in the past.  How fickle is the human heart hey?

“Regular” couples who use phone sex as yet another sexual outlet sometimes take a while to acclimatize themselves with the nature of act, where role play trumps most cards.  The issue is of course to over come the initial hang-up that they are somehow “bad actors” feeling uncomfortable with the perceived role they try to play.

So such restriction though when you call a phone sex professional.  Not only will she know what to say to make you at ease, but more importantly will ask the right questions as to what turns you on, what you like and what makes you feel good.

Take Debbie for example who writes in one of her articles about what she does before her phone sex “shift” starts”

Yes, I like attention to details, the little things that make a conversation so much more interesting, so much more arousing.  Like wearing the right clothing for starters.  Depending on the mood of day, you will find me dressed in silky negligees, smooth touch over my skin, sensual, expecting of the touch that I never deprive myself from.  Other days, when domination is the name of the game, I will dress as a Mistress, such is the life of a dominatrix.  Then there are the days when I feel like a slut, ready to be trash, submissive and usable.

Indeed setting the right mood is important and remember that phone sex can be as hot as you want it to be.  Nothing is silly or of limit if that’s what you want.  It’s a unique way to talk about any fantasy you might have, even if some fantasies may be considered forbidden or taboo.

One of my callers told me this morning that phone sex makes sex all that much better when he and his wife get to “do” it.

Who am I to disagree!

Your phone sex guide!

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